I don't think it is a requirement to always dress up to go to...

Dr. K - November 16 2009, 11:42 AM

I don't think it is a requirement to always dress up to go to church.

It's not about how we dress when we go to church, it's all about your relationship with God..

Jesus said "come as you are"; even if a stripper comes to a church half naked; us christians, have no rights to prevent that person from enetering God's temple.

Maybe that's all she has to wear but she wants to turn her life around to God. After turning her life around, she will not dress like that anymore, she would cover up because she has became a better person.

The ones who are judging by what someone wears to go to church aren't better than you. Haitian church members need to start judging and critize other people by what they wear to church.

sispann fe jouda, si nou tap cheche prezans bondye le nou nan legliz, nou pa tap menm we sa fre a ou se a mete sou li.
That's why I love my pastor and my church.

everyone is welcome in our church> we are noto here to judge, we let God do the judging.

There isn't and shouldn't be a dress code in the haitian churches.

that's why the haitian churches are losing their youths or members to the american churches..

Trop jouda avek bagay ki pa nan bib goes down in the haitian churches..

yo rann lavi moun san souf...

Everyone is welcome to attend churches without a dress code...

Come as you are, Let God judge you; not humans.

we are all sinners..


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