Is God or the Devil involved in the ongoing Haitian tragedy?

Gelin - January 21 2012, 12:50 PM

Can we discuss what's common between the story of Job in the Bible and the Haitian tragedy?

Check this one out:

Most people feel comfortable talking about the patience of Job, but I wonder how many would be willing to take just a sip from the cup that he drank.

Likewise, almost everybody wants to discuss Haiti and even go there for some reason, from movie stars and celebrities of various sorts to singers and politicians; but I wonder how many of them would be willing to experience the sufferings of Haiti for just one week in their own soul and in their own flesh.

How many would volunteer?

Both Job and Haiti have enjoyed blessings from God prior to enduring great sufferings generated by the jealousy and wrath of the Devil.

Between the life of Job and the history of Haiti, I have found three distinct but common chronological and theological periods.

Let's have a quick tour...

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