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Is the substance of things hoped For,it's an evidence of things not seen.But without faith it is impossible to please... more »
Sergo Jean, 10/03/09 7:01 AM
There are five fundamental beliefs of Christianity: 1. The bible is God's Word to us, dictated by Him, written by many... more »
Jack, 10/12/09 1:21 PM
Music was created by God and because Satan was prideful he wanted worship to be for him. That is why he was thrown out... more »
Esther Rivera, 09/07/09 3:43 PM
Thanks, Rosie. He explained it later. I would welcome the opportunity but D.R. is so far from here!! more »
Jack, 12/02/09 7:23 PM
What is the major contrast between the old testament and the new testament? is one of them more apropriate for the... more »
Topic, 06/10/05 6:11 PM
In the two cities that I was in, I saw many very nice homes that were in the process of being built. I was told that... more »
Jack, 10/12/09 10:26 AM
What are the different versions of the Haitian bible that are available? more »
Jack, 07/21/10 12:53 PM
Compas Music is just music and part of a great culture. It has nothing to do with christians faith. They must know... more »
Matignol Saint-lot, 09/12/09 7:02 PM
Hello Moises If you have not taken your trip yet, i can put you in contact with a pastor in Haiti email me at beaulma... more »
Mario Beauliere, 04/25/10 10:49 AM
I dont know how to thank you for this site. bible site, it help me with my bible study.please send me the site for the... more »
Cleodile Hector, 11/02/09 8:46 PM