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Que Dieu tebenisse soeur. lis ta bible et prie chaque jour et tu grandiras. more »
El Caribeno, 11/26/09 4:36 AM
The lord says "come as you are" so yes, you can go to church with your jeans and t-shirt. You are going to worship the... more »
Moishlet, 11/26/09 8:41 AM
There are no haitian churches where I live. However, I routinely make an effort at being "well turned up" to attend... more »
Fifie, 11/15/09 4:13 PM
God bless you, Yolify. I do not know much about the availability of an electronic Creole Bible there, but your idea... more »
Jack, 12/04/09 7:56 PM
We are taking a team to Haiti April 1 -8. They have requested Bibles in French or Creole. Do you have any that you... more »
Brenda Cooper, 03/05/09 2:26 AM
You need to study scriptures carefully before answer any questions from the word of God, the old testament is no... more »
Lee, 07/10/08 5:05 PM
yes, Jack, that is a good thought. I'll try my best to make it understandable.. religion is a set of beliefs, fate in... more »
Rose-marie, 10/05/09 10:12 AM
My husband and I have our own organization - Haitihelpers. I hvae been to Haiti 19 times since Oct. 2000. We do... more »
Brenda Cooper, 03/17/09 4:03 AM
But wait! This person says that he has NEVER sinned! more »
Jack, 12/06/09 5:01 PM
Hi jack, My name is Ingrid, I am a christian attending Calvary Chapel in Port au prince. I just recently started to... more »
Gayou, 11/29/09 9:55 PM