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Here is what I think about the "Haitian Silent Dress Code". When Haitians go to church, they believe that they are... more »
Gerry, 11/18/09 6:20 PM
My name is Jean. I am intersted. you can contact me via email jrolin3 at hotmail.com more »
Jean R. Joseph, 09/29/09 12:32 AM
I truly think there is a secret dress code within tha Haitian culture when it comes to church. It is embedded into our... more »
Cece, 12/02/09 9:22 AM
checkout yahspeople.com hebrewisraelites.org 4 the truth about haitians and your history the truth will set u free more »
Yis Sh Yah, 08/28/12 11:57 AM
Hola Yo busco contacto con cristianos verdaderos de haiti. more »
Aleman, 01/14/10 9:51 AM
M'ap chache de ou bien twa chan-m a couche pou-m loue nan linden ou bien roselle new jersey.zanmi kretyen,fem konnnen... more »
Lou Ly, 01/14/11 9:26 PM
Dear Woodring, I admire you because you raise issues that others dare not raise.Depending on the situation you... more »
Rev Rhau, 11/15/09 10:50 PM
yo te met fache,yo rinmin abiye two-p.leglize se pou Bondye,nou twa langeze more »
Chantal, 11/15/09 7:26 PM
I love my Haitian music and no one will ever stop me from listening to them. They are the roots of my birth and are... more »
Mdt, 09/08/09 2:48 PM
fouyebible.com# On your website i see that your called Apostle Ronald Ssali a false prophet, that stealing people... more »
Jessie, 07/12/12 7:27 PM