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Hello, Marcda. Thank you for response. I am retired and a member of a Baptist Church. I have been on two mission trips... more »
Jack, 10/03/09 8:59 AM
Hello Jack, My Cafe is an internet cafe (l'Enterprise Pam & Morkley Multiservices ) in Saint Louis Du Nord Haiti.The... more »
Pfsm, 10/03/09 11:42 AM
De la Peur à la Sagesse Certains ayant l’horreur du vide Combattent le vide par le vide... more »
Edner Saint-amour, 08/24/09 11:28 AM
mwen ta renmen gen plis enfomasyon de kay la sil vou ple relem sou 865 257 7680 mesi ou jempsmaignan at hotmail.com more »
Jemps Maignan, 02/17/10 3:32 PM
Jamesae, my understanding is that about 70% of Haitians consider themselves Catholics and about 30% consider... more »
Jack, 07/26/10 10:15 PM
Thank you for your response.and I see that you are really interested in them. I know that there is one category of... more »
Mathilde, 10/03/09 11:45 AM
John 17:3 helps us to know how to get the eternel life. Not keep saying i am a christian and u don't know nothing... more »
Batheline D, 12/15/09 6:24 PM
how are you jonatan I'm very glad to answer you you can speak to at anytime may God bless you. more »
Vallon Jean Robert, 02/04/10 1:25 PM
You said it well brother. I couldn't have said better myself. more »
Dee, 09/22/09 5:57 PM
Jesus christ is not God although a lot of people think so. more »
Evans, 01/11/10 12:02 AM