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hi, I think that it is an issue in every culture or to all people, but sometimes my fellow Haitian make me think that... more »
Rose-marie, 11/16/09 10:17 AM
I don't think it is a requirement to always dress up to go to church. It's not about how we dress when we go to... more »
Dr. K, 11/16/09 11:42 AM
Don't do it. Represent yourself in style for the Lord. more »
Robensons, 11/16/09 8:26 AM
There is no dress code to go to church. But I beleive in being cleaned and well dressed wich mean for me wear clean... more »
Vanina, 11/16/09 2:23 PM
mwen ta renmen gen plis enfomasyon de kay la sil vou ple relem sou 865 257 7680 mesi ou jempsmaignan at hotmail.com more »
Jemps Maignan, 02/17/10 3:32 PM
For security,I can't tell you. you already know that... more »
Thony, 10/04/09 4:08 AM
I too am a voice for underserved populations in America and beyond. Tell me more about your ministry. I began... more »
, 09/24/09 5:06 PM
The Lord said come as you are. Jesus just wants you to come praise him with fellow worshipers. He wants you to come... more »
Josiane Gedeon, 11/16/09 2:49 PM
mwen gin yon problem ak moun kap fe tet yo sanble ak kretyen epi yo pa saa. an nou sevi bondye ak tout nou men m li... more »
Be Holy, 10/27/10 12:29 PM
Eske ou konnen gen yon gran diferans antre Kilti e relijyon. Konveti se kite fe vye bagay tankou pale moun mal. gen... more »
Damebochie, 09/06/09 4:54 PM