Yes, you should be able to go to church as you please!!!!...

Rza - November 16 2009, 8:01 AM

Yes, you should be able to go to church as you please!!!!! that is my take on it...

number one i dont think any one will have the audacity to tell you get out of the church because of the way you dress.

or present yourself in the lord home..

The lord do not judge us on how we entered his kingdom, it is the human nature that puts certain regards to how we pray and how we enter the lord place...

2) if you looked back when Jesus and his followers looked how they used to dress i dont see any fency suits or dresses..

it was more like casual sandals and a robe..

so i dont get how people became judges overnight passing on judgement on how an individual dress to go to church..

and these same people who are been noisy on how about another individual dress, you can tell they are not here to pray the lord!!!! they are only in church to be the fashions Patrol...

sometimes i dress up to go to church and other times i dont..

it is not a requirement.

therefore if any one have a problem with how i go to church i will suggest that they approach me about it so i can give them a piece of my mine!!!!!


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