This might be the answer from a writer to Amazon under...

Jack - July 22 2010, 10:45 AM

This might be the answer from a writer to Amazon under "Haitian Bible."

"Although it is fortunate that a Haitian Creole translation of the Bible exists, it is unfortunate that this is the only one available.

The translation is very poor, inaccurately translating key concepts such as salvation and righteousness.

An accurate translation of the Bible to Haitian Creole is badly needed.

This is a sad situation to think that this translation is the only Bible so many Haitians will ever know. Even more disturbing to realize that such key concepts as salvation and the righteousness required of Christian living are not adequately discribed."

This was also my conclusion after having attended many bible studies with Haitians.

The American missionary used the NKJV and although there were some differences, they were able to work through them.

I would certainly like to know what you find out.

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