I will certainly move back there one day.!!Haiti is my...

Jean Mathon - October 19 2009, 2:20 PM

I will certainly move back there one day.!!Haiti is my Home:Come all to Connecticut, Beautiful State of New England, get away from the big urban cities.!! Connecticut has a lot to offer, We have nice Houses at The shore line, Mistic Sea-Port has many touristic attractions for mom and Dad.!!{Hilton in Mistic-I-95/North-Exit-90,Go straight after the light to the Aquaruim.!!{Norwalk, Conn/Home of The haitian United Association of SouthWestern Connecticut,"I want to implore all of you to engage.!!{Carimi had visited our state this past summer and Haiti-X-change,"I can connect you with right jobs and Carers with Educational Training:!!mathonjean at yahoo.com/FaceBook/Look me up at faceBook,"I also can teach you English as a second language on line providing that you connect me with right resouces, My skills is with The dept of Public services, Medical Billing and Coding, Certification in Health-care/Behavioral Health and Counseling.!!

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In the two cities that I was in, I saw many very nice...


Interested in communicating with Haitians

I am very interesting in communicating with Haitian Christians. I am a white American who has does some missionary...

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