What version of the bible is considered..

Jamesae - July 19 2010, 10:11 PM

I am curious to know what is considered official by Haiti as far as bible versions is concerned.

Also, from a biblical perspective what tribe are our people primarily linked to?

Lastly, do Hatians follow catholism?

christianity (observing the sabbath on sundays)?

Please let me know as I'm learning.


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Jack says...

What are the different versions of the Haitian bible that are available? more »

Jamesae says...

Thanks for the quick reply.. well from biblegateway i found one kreyol version, and 2 french versions under some names... more »

Jack says...

This might be the answer from a writer to Amazon under "Haitian Bible." "Although it is fortunate that a Haitian... more »

Jack says...

Jamesae, my understanding is that about 70% of Haitians consider themselves Catholics and about 30% consider... more »

Jack says...

Jamesae, Before Jesus Christ came to earth to die on the cross in our place so that we could be saved, the ten... more »

Jamesae says...

Thanks Jack for that info.. I am working to try to spread the doctrine of theGOCC (The Gathering of Christ Church... more »