Levitique 20:7 - Vous sanctifirez et vous serez saints - Let the bible be your best friend because Jesus will never forsake you

Oscar - February 6 2010, 8:59 PM

To who ever reading this, Philippians 4:13, read it. Mathew 24:13, Hebrew 12:14, Levetique 20:7 and etc.

let the bible be your best friend because Jesus said he will never forsake you even in your last breath.

Remember in Revelation 22:13-15 he will put you like a dog and in Samuel he said if your turn your back from him he will do the same thing.

Please give god everything you got so you won't regret it when Jesus is coming back. Don't be afraid of your gift or talent God give you.

And help others as much as you can. Don't forget to spread the Gospel.

Did people in Haiti know the specific day time the earthquake would hit or the USA know when 911 would hit?


And remember what happened to the people in the desert.

The ground had split in half and a lot of them die just like Haiti.

As you can see, my friends, since we don't know we need to prepare every day, live our lives like there is no tomorrow.

Psalms 39 explains we're just passing through.

Read Revelation 22 and Psalms 1:1.

May god bless you.

If you known the Bible well you known God as well since God is the word and everlasting.

No matter what you are going through try to find peace through him because his peace is total different from the world.

From sister M. Geffrard

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