Hello, Yolantha. Thank you for your response. I have been on...

Jack - September 24 2009, 8:12 PM

Hello, Yolantha.

Thank you for your response.

I have been on two trips to Haiti in the past year. The second trip (two months this spring) was with my wife to establish a vocational school at a mission school of about 1700 students.

My wife started a sewing class and I started a class in computer skills.

There is a possibility that we will be called back to work more on the schools.

I am retired from industry and am not a trained missionary, but I certainly have a heart for the ministry there.

The mission is Good Shepherd Ministries in Milot.


The vocational school is a part of the main secondary school in the morning, and is a ministry of the mission in the afternoon and is open to the neighborhood.

It is to be an evangelical endeavor.

Whether we are asked to return in tenuous at this time.

We had many wonderful experiences there and the Haitian Christians are wonderful people.

Their worship and depth puts some of us US Christians to shame.

However, our efforts were mainly confined to the compound.

We took many trips outside, but did not have much interaction with the people outside of the mission.

There are two photos taken outside away from town that still burn in my mind. One is of a 12 year old boy eating his boiled corn cob and asking for money for food, and the other is of two sad young boys carrying jugs in their tattered clothes and bare footed on hot rough tiles.

They are probably restaveks.

I have those photos on my wall.

So I certainly understand your burden for the underserved.

I, too, feel that way and have suggested starting a wordless tract ministry that relates to the computer classes.

After all, I understand that 70% of the people do not live in cities and most of those cannot even read Creole.

There do not appear to be any schools away from the towns.

I saw at least two abandoned mission sites in those areas.

After two plus months there, I realize how little I really know about Haiti, though I read much. That is why I want to communicate with Haitian people to learn more.

I would not know how you could effectively raise support with being a part of a mission group, and at this time I know of none. However, God has gloriously provided all of our supplies and they are still coming in. His people want to help.

Please stay in touch.


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