This Is JBNTS7, This is what I think, those haitian pastors...

Thony S Jean-baptiste - September 17 2009, 12:01 AM

This Is JBNTS7, This is what I think, those haitian pastors, maybe have problem to thenself or they misunderstand the gospel, I am a christian, I listen Zouklove, haitian Compas, R&B, Christan Music, Classic Music and more, Sa depan kijan ou pral mizik sa yo aji sou antan ke kretyen, remember we haitian not devil, everyone listen to franch music, nothing is wong with that, some music talking about crime, I don't those music, music talking about kill, sex, disrespect women, I don't like those music, so many haitians music preach union, love, love one another, me I don't have no problem with haitian compas, this is my culture, I don't listen to vodoo music, if I listen to a haitian compas they talking about disrespect your country, or your wife, kill your brother, go fighting each one another, if I listen it one time, the second time, I not listen it. but haitian compas never singing about those stuff, every nation listen there music, like we haitians, we listenning our music, compas, zoulove, troubadou, with your wifes, girl friends, fiances, moms, kids, is not good way to talk bad about haitian music, preachers talking about union, love, good gospel of God, God love all the time, He never change, pastors preachers you guys going to fare, haitian compas, zoulove, trobadou is not devil, depend the way you seen it on your eyes you think it's devil, it's not true, we haitians, love one another, our country haiti, may God bless everyone whatever where you come from, God bless you...

Thony S Jean-Baptiste Say It.


Is Haitian music Devil Music?

Why do some Haitian pastors, preachers, and Haitian gospel singers sing and preach against Haitian Compas music? It's...

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Thony, what does the Voodoo music sing about? Jack

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