Hello, Marcda. Thank you for response. I am retired and a...

Jack - October 3 2009, 8:59 AM

Hello, Marcda.

Thank you for response.

I am retired and a member of a Baptist Church.

I have been on two mission trips to Haiti within the past year. We went to assist a mission there that is a school ministry for 1600 students in three cities.

Our last trip of two months was to set up and teach computer skills and sewing skills (my wife) at a new vocational school that the mission started.

We may return to expand the school.

In the process we became very good friends with many Haitian Christians.

We saw the needs and condition of the people, and especially the children.

We have developed a love for them and compassion for them. Their Christian witness is wonderful.

We are hoping to return but that has not yet been established.

Haiti and the people but I am not sure what is true.

Do you still communicate with friends and relatives there?

Jack (lbinx at yahoo.com)

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