I too am a voice for underserved populations in America and...

I too am a voice for underserved populations in America and beyond.

Tell me more about your ministry.

I began answering the call to Haiti 9 years ago. I keep a journal and have the draft of a book I am writing to help earn funds for the abandoned children of the mountains.

I also am hearing a new call from God. 9 years ago God asked me to "go tell it ON the mountains" about His Mercy, Grace and Love. 2 summers ago I ran across a group of abandoned children living without clothes in the mountains like wild animals.

Now God is asking me to "go tell it FROM the mountains".

I am looking for venues by which to share my testimony on behalf of these children.

I am unfortunately limited and not working as deeply as I can due to my own personal financial restraints.

I am a trench woman.

God calls all to either go, pray or provide for those you do go. I am looking desperately for sponsorship.

I say desperately because children I hugged in July have starved today by September.

Tell me about your work.


Interested in communicating with Haitians

I am very interesting in communicating with Haitian Christians. I am a white American who has does some missionary...

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