Jamesae, my understanding is that about 70% of Haitians...

Jack - July 26 2010, 10:15 PM

Jamesae, my understanding is that about 70% of Haitians consider themselves Catholics and about 30% consider themselves Protestants, mostly Baptists.

Also I understand that at least 50% of Haitians practice Vadoun.

Statistically, then you can see that a large number of Haitians are apparently somehow mixing Vadoun with a "Christian" religion.

There is only one condition that is pleasing and accepted by God, and that is to admit to Him that one is a sinner and is destined to spend eternity in hell, except for the fact that He sent Jesus to die in our place so that we can go to heaven.

Accepting that fact is all one needs to do to escape hell. After that, however, one should strive to please God and be a good example to others.

We learn to please Him by studying His bible, praying, worshiping with others and doing what we can to spread this Good News to others.


What version of the bible is considered..

I am curious to know what is considered official by Haiti as far as bible versions is concerned. Also, from a biblical...

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