The mission with which we have been working is Good Shepherd...

Jack - December 5 2009, 7:49 PM

The mission with which we have been working is Good Shepherd Ministries in Milot, Haiti and their website is

This site can give you some ideas about what they do and how to get involved.

This mission is primarily a school for about 1500 students in 3 cities.

It is education oriented with the new vocational school and a college extension will start up next year.

The mission is usually in need of workers to do physical work on the facilities.

The mission provide facilities and support for several medical teams each year.

One does not need a medical education to work with the medical teams since they usually can use coordinators, etc., as they work with many hundreds of children over 10 day periods.

Another mission of which I am aware is Baptist Haiti Mission

If you do not feel comfortable with Baptist missions, there are many others with sites on the web.

Please keep me posted if you follow up.

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Thank you so much. I actually just found a website...


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