All religion serve one purpose, The god of our...

Jean Mathon - October 19 2009, 2:06 PM

All religion serve one purpose, The god of our understanding,""let us not put one another down, I am a born again, I was a former catholic parishioner, I got baptize at saint Gerard in Port Au Prince,"I remember, when my mom, would wake me up at 4AM to go to saint gerard for the early bird mass,"I did not want to get up, She used to pull me and my other brother out of bed to go.""I never forgot where, I came from.!! ""I am proud to be a Haitian Citizen.""I love Haiti{La Perle Des Antilles} We have the most beautiful Island in The caribean with nice white sands, and prety women,""Most white men loves Haitian women, They love their dresses and natural beauty, Haitian women atracks alots of European men."let us educate them about our History and Culture.{Garcelle Bauvais/Movie Actrees} "she plays in the hit T. Vshow Jamie Foxx.She is very Prety, Emeline Michelle, edwidge Dindicat/writer and Author.!!let us not forget our founders of liberation from France, Jean Jacques Desalines, Petion,Bolivar, Breton Nazaire.

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thx, great job! but, please try to unstand the angle...


is the 7th days aventist is misleading people?

I believe the don't understand the meaning of the sabath!

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