There are five fundamental beliefs of Christianity: 1. The...

Jack - October 12 2009, 1:21 PM

There are five fundamental beliefs of Christianity:
1. The bible is God's Word to us, dictated by Him, written by many godly men (not just one) and over a long period of time. There are no errors in the Bible, and it is complete and final.

2. Jesus was born of a virgin and He is God in the form of a man (Isaiah 7:14)
3. We are saved (going to heaven) only by Jesus' death on the cross in our place and not by any act that we can do, except to believe this by faith and to admit that we can not please God except to pray to receive Christ as our savior.

Salvation (going to heaven) is a free gift to us and cannot be earned.

4. Jesus came alive again bodily after three days in the grave and was seen alive by hundreds of people.

(Matthew 28)
5. Jesus was taken bodily up into heaven and will return again to earth to take up His believers.

One can measure any religion against these standards and determine whether that religion is of Christ.

All other religious practices are not really important to salvation.


is the 7th days aventist is misleading people?

I believe the don't understand the meaning of the sabath!

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thx, great job! but, please try to unstand the angle...

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