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These days, everybody so afraid of each other and no one knows for sure when things will get back to normal. What we... more »
Topic, 04/10/20 6:51 AM
Trusting in God will strengthen you. Like an eagle, you will fly. You will be running without ever getting tired. You... more »
Topic, 04/08/20 4:30 AM
Alo Chretiens Haitiens yo... Tcheke Nouvo Vesion Mobile BIB LA AN KREYOL ak smartphone nou sou If you... more »
Fouyebible, 11/29/15 8:35 PM
checkout 4 the truth about haitians and your history the truth will set u free more »
Yis Sh Yah, 08/28/12 11:57 AM
On your website i see that your called Apostle Ronald Ssali a false prophet, that stealing people money would you come... more »
Jessie, 07/12/12 7:27 PM
Can we discuss what's common between the story of Job in the Bible and the Haitian tragedy? Check this one out: Most... more »
Gelin, 01/21/12 12:50 PM
While on Mission in Haiti, I met a Pastor that has started churches in three cities. He desperately needs Bibles and... more »
Bill Chapman, 12/16/11 2:37 PM
Prayer is the practice of the presence of God. It is the place where pride is abandoned, hope is lifted, and... more »
Jean, 06/13/11 8:51 AM
Is this bible in a hard copy? If so, where can I obtain a copy? I travel to Haiti and am a part of a very mission... more »
Keith Franks, 05/14/11 11:00 AM
, 03/14/11 1:55 PM