Regardless Apostle Ronald Ssali

Jessie - July 12 2012, 7:27 PM

On your website i see that your called Apostle Ronald Ssali a false prophet, that stealing people money would you come with proof.

Whoever you are you need to repent cause you are the one telling people lies about Apostle Ssali if you don't know someone you can't inform other people about him. God uses Apostle Ssali powerfully when the people come with sickness, diseases and bondage like blind eyes God open there eyes, God make cripples walk, God open deaf ears, God heal cancer, HIV, bondage like witchcraft power Apostle Ssali pray for them and God delivered them. People got healed from depression and pain. Young girls and young men that used to sell drug danced in the club or broken into people cars gave their life to Christ and 100% active in church.

God even helps people with finances, Apostle prays for them then God starts to do his wonderful work through them. Its not a work of a man but the work of the Holy Spirit.

God has done great things and will continue to do great things for his glory.

Visit us at also you can listen to Piercing Darkness Show on 1340 AM Mon-Fri 3-4 PM and also Piercing Darkness show watch on TV comcast cable 13 or 61-1 on your converter box. If you need deliverance from *antichrist spirit or racism* God can deliver you cause he loves you he wants to set you free. I can testify personally how God use Apostle Ssali to pray for me if i am alive today is because of the anointing on Apostle Ssali life i suppose to be dead i give God Glory for that.

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