There's no where in the bible from genesis to apocalypsis or...

Evans - December 19 2009, 12:59 PM

There's no where in the bible from genesis to apocalypsis or one verse according to, God intend to bring mankind to heaven.When he (God) created man;he had placed him in the garden of eden(ps 115:16).

Man was to live there (earth) and kept it (earth) under control.The doctrine that makes mankind thinks they are going in heaven for eternal life comes from the devil.

Satan's mission is to keep man far and far away from God's plan and thats why he (satan) teaches everybody, all the churches that the eternal life is in heaven.

Satan put you in error, his plan is to take you to hell with him.What you have to do?

You need to search for the right church( la vraie eglise) although it's not easy to find.Yes I have received God in jesus christ because i know him in all of his 4 dimensions:width, height,lengthand depth.

We can talk directly if you want and i think we all want to be saved.

we can share phone # then talk about God.

Evans011 at

May God bless you and give you his knowledge.

se pou BonDie beni tout moun.

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