God bless you, Yolify. I do not know much about the...

Jack - December 4 2009, 7:56 PM

God bless you, Yolify.

I do not know much about the availability of an electronic Creole Bible there, but your idea sounds interesting.

It might be that that idea is being used. It certainly should be a great tool. It would seem that it might require much relatively expensive hardware, batteries, etc.

I have been wondering about simple wordless pictorial gospel tracts that could be passed out among the many that cannot read. I have thought of designing one. I have not been able to learn of their availability in Haiti.

There are many American missionaries in Haiti that invite people to come there for about ten days to experience the missionary work. You might be able to find something about it on the internet.

That is how I got involved.

God is working with you. God bless your compassion about the Haitian people.

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