I truly think there is a secret dress code within tha Haitian...

Cece - December 2 2009, 9:22 AM

I truly think there is a secret dress code within tha Haitian culture when it comes to church.

It is embedded into our culture to dress like we are going to a festive occasion.

I recently moved to reading, PA about 2 yrs ago and my family and I go to a predominently white catholic church.

Many of the people there wear jeans and tees and many of the teens and young adults wear short shorts and tees and hoodies (in case it gets cool in church).

It is very crazy to me that people want to represent God like that. Going to church on sundays, I kinda felt uncomfortable for these church goers beacsue theye didn't dress appropriately, but it shows you that every culture and race is different.

Somtimes, going to church in drssy clothes makes me feel so dressesd up because no one else dresses up except us.


Haitian Church Dress Code

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