Here is what I think about the "Haitian Silent Dress Code"...

Gerry - November 18 2009, 6:20 PM

Here is what I think about the "Haitian Silent Dress Code".

When Haitians go to church, they believe that they are meeting with the Highest Authority in the universe (God, the creator), therefore, they dress for the occasion.

Let's look at it this way...If any of us had a chance to secure a meeting with a high official such as a president, a king, or even a governor, wouldn't make sense that the person present him/herself in a formal manner?

If, the answer to that question is "yes", then the issue is solved.

If we dress formally to meet a human being with a high title, how much more should we do it for God?

That, however, does not mean that God would reject you if you were not formally dressed.Our God is merciful and gracious, He does not measure us based on our apparels, and dress code.

Therefore, do not let your clothes keep you away from church.

The Lord sees the good and noble intent of your heart.

As a matter of fact, the Bible in the New Testament tells a story how it is bad if two people walk in your church: One is well dressed, and the other poorly dressed, we say to the one well dressed, come to the front and say to the other stay in the back.

Christians should not judge people based on their clothing only. I believe there is a saying in French that says:"L'habit ne fait pas le moine, mais il le fait reconnaitre"
So, you decide...


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