Dear Woodring, I admire you because you raise issues that...

Rev Rhau - November 15 2009, 10:50 PM

Dear Woodring,
I admire you because you raise issues that others dare not raise.

Depending on the situation you mentioned, I can understand.

You would have been welcome in my church, because we do not judge people by just what they wear.
However, Haitians dress that way (Their best) when going to church out of respect and reverence for God.
Let me explain: When we go to church, we believe that we are going in the presence of the King of Kings and the Lord of lords.Now, in your situation, maybe there was a lack of planning on your part.
Now, let's bring it home slowly and calmly; If you were invited to go and meet with a king, or even a president, how would you dress for that occasion?

Just be honest with your answer and you will have the answer to the issue that you raised.

If we show reverence, respect, honor toward a man, how much more should we show toward God?

God bless you, I enjoy receiving your emails and updates, I read almost all of them...

Have a bl


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