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Jean Mathon - October 10 2009, 3:46 PM

I want to connect with people within the Haitian or American community, I love to learn about the bible,""I am very teachable.!!I am residing in new-England Connecticut, near Boston-Mass, Iam also on FaceBook, This is awsome,"I always wanted to get connected to such a great project."You will have the oportunity to exchange words and ideas with eachother."I can feel the vibes and the true connection."""I am a child of christ, I spent most of my early child hood in the roman Carholic church, However,I am attending a baptist Church in deep River, Connecticut,""I feel, I can be a great assett and a contribution to this field of study on religion and Ethics.!!

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Jack says...

Hello, Jean. Tell us how you became a Christian. Jack lbinx at more »