Thank you for your response.and I see that you are really...

Mathilde - October 3 2009, 11:45 AM

Thank you for your response.and I see that you are really interested in them. I know that there is one category of kids that need to go to school, because in Haiti, school is not free. Not alot of people can find a job there, parents can not afford to send their kids to school, because they have no income.

Without any education, those children will not be able to support themselves later on in life. On the other hand, alot of them have no parents, they need somewhere to stay, they live in the street, with no clothes, food, or the basic things to survive.

They need to be taking care of, because at that age, they are by themselves, not because they are responsible, but because they have nobody.

In sum, if the first category that I described can have the opportunity to go to school, and the other category can have somewhere to stay like a group home for children, or an orphanage, where they can grow in a safe place where they will not be abused, they can have the opportunity to go to school.

I think that should be very very helpful..

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Hello, Mathilde. Thank you for your response. Yes...


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