Wow. Thanks to all of you for responding! As I may have said...

Jack - September 26 2009, 12:47 PM

Wow. Thanks to all of you for responding!

As I may have said, I have spent only a couple of months there in Milot (South of Cap Haitien) on two trips.

We set up a computer lab and sewing lab. The purpose was to help provide some skills with which the folks can earn a living, but we have a long way to go.

We developed many Haitian friends around the mission and are very impressed with their enthusiasm and attitude.

They are very intelligent and capable people and very grateful to have an opportunity to learn.

They are very gracious and pleasant people with a great sense of humor.

We had fun. As some of you said, they mainly need jobs. We found a large portion of them to be quite entrepreneurial.

I have read much on the internet and am trying to sort out truth from exaggeration.

First question: We are all very concerned about the plight of the Restaveks and I know that they are likely horribly mistreated.

Yet, some of the Christian families that we worked with are caring for some children that are not their own. These children attend the same primary schools with the same curricula as regular children, though their classes are in the afternoon.

Since Haiti has no government programs to help the destitute as we do, the Restavek program is their only answer to child welfare, even though it can result in horrible abuse.

What, in your opinion, is the magnitude of the horrible treatment of some Restaveks, versus the proper treatment of others?



Interested in communicating with Haitians

I am very interesting in communicating with Haitian Christians. I am a white American who has does some missionary...

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