Hello, Ingrid. Thank you for writing. My wife and I were in...

Jack - November 30 2009, 10:59 AM

Hello, Ingrid.

Thank you for writing.

My wife and I were in Haiti earlier this year for about two months to start up a vocational school with training in computer skills and sewing.

I had been one time before for 10 days. It was a wonderful experience and we both want to somehow continue to help the Haitian people.

You are very intelligent and pleasant people and most need help. We met and worshiped with many great Haitian Christians.

I know very little about Port-au-Prince, so I don't know how different it is from Cap Haitien, where we spent much time, or Milot, where we lived.

I know that Port-au-Prince is the largest city.

I am very happy that you are studying your bible.

It is the major way that God talks to us. It can be very difficult since Satan does not want us to read it. We should all pray for each other that we all would continually seek God's will through His Word.

Are you reading 1 Kings?

That is very good since knowing Bible history will help us to understand the whole Bible easier.

I hope that you will recognize Satan's subtle efforts to keep you from reading it and you will ask God to help you overcome Satan's efforts to get you to stop. I am reading and studying through 1 Samuel.

God bless you.


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