The lord says "come as you are" so yes, you can go to church...

Moishlet - November 26 2009, 8:41 AM

The lord says "come as you are" so yes, you can go to church with your jeans and t-shirt.

You are going to worship the Lord. Let me ask you a question though, if you were going to meet the President of the United State and the first Lady at the white house, would you go as you are?

would you rush to leave the place?

would you wear that jean and t-shirt.

My guess is you would not. You would be patient and listen to them speak, and be presentable in their presence.

So, if you would dress up for the first couple, why wouldn't you for the Lord. For He alone deserve all the glory, all the honor and all of our praise! So, go as you are, you know how Haitian people hold themselves in the presence of the Lord, the way you dress, I fear will tell everyone where your heart is with Lord. Of course, don't dress up for people, only you and the Lord knows where your heart is. So go as you are or make the effort that you would to be presentable as you would in the presence of the first couple.

Either way, go worship! Love in Christ! :)


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