We know it's not the "norm" to dress down for church in the...

Huldah - November 15 2009, 5:52 PM

We know it's not the "norm" to dress down for church in the Haitian culture.

Of course when the spirit moves you to attend you could wear whatever modest attire you have handy.

Some people will look, stare and/or comments.

What's important is that we make it to church to worship God and fellowship with the body of Christ.

I have a question.

1-- When was it ever said in the bible that to attend Sunday services one needs be in their "most expensive", "best" attire?

What it boils down to is the fact that one, society has and continues to depict what's appropriate for all occasions; two, It's believed by many and accepted by many that one's attire speaks to one's economic and social standing etc.; and lastly many believe dressing up in our "best" attire for Sunday services is witnessing to others God's richness and blessings in our lives.

Dress up to the T or down feeling comfortable is all good with me. It's a preference.

I believe what God cares more about, is someone who's coming to worship Him with the heart, spirit, mind and soul. I believe God could care less what we have on as long as we're dressed modestly just as we've been advised in the Bible.


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