There are no haitian churches where I live. However, I...

Fifie - November 15 2009, 4:13 PM

There are no haitian churches where I live. However, I routinely make an effort at being "well turned up" to attend mass on Sundays.

Truly, I do not believe that the good Lord cares one way or the other.

I do believe however that as a sign of respect for ME, for my fellow parishioners, I should be groomed and attired properly (none of this belly button exposing stuff).

Any sign of respect or courtesy that I show to humans, I double for God.
Having said this, my get-ups range from Saturday ensembles, to business casual, to fashionable rags, etc. If I do not shower, I wash strategic body parts...

It all depends on the status of my health, my frame of mind, my other plans for the day, or what I have available (when away from home), or the weather.

In all cases, I present myself in a way that does not distract others from the Lord's business.

I must add that when traveling, I make sure to pack "something decent" for church if I am to spend Sunday away. I have long discarded some elements of my haitian upbringing when it comes to Sunday Masses (such as skirts only, no pants).

But I have also kept a good deal. I have come to see the whole thing in light of the saying" Cleanliness is next to Godliness".


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