Hosea 2 Verse 17 - The Bible : English

Here is what the Bible says on Hosea 2, Verse 17:

Hosea 2:17 in English

"For I will take away the names of the Baals out of her mouth, and they shall no more be mentioned by their name." <<   18 >>


Hosea 2:17 in Haitian Creole (Kreyol) (Oze 2:17)

"Mwen p'ap janm kite non Baal yo soti nan bouch li, li p'ap janm nonmen non yo ankò."


Hosea 2:17 in French (Francais) (Osee 2:17)

"(2:19) J`ôterai de sa bouche les noms des Baals, afin qu`on ne les mentionne plus par leurs noms."

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